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I, Travis E. Stroud, started this practice in December 2011.  When I started, people  thought I was crazy because I opened my own doors and I practiced pretty much any area of law that I desired. What they didn’t know was that I had a plan to get to this very point that I am today.

My plan was to learn the different areas of law and then start a firm. I am fortunate enough to say that plan has come to fruition, with the help of Natalie Ludwig. I now have a team where we can practice multiple areas of law, all the while relying and depending on each other to litigate our cases.  This is a strong asset for the client, because now they have access to more than one attorney. 

At this firm, we get our success by being trial attorneys. What that means is that from the moment you retain us we start getting ready to take your case to trial. Our confidence in a well-prepared trial is a strong tactic, because it puts you as the client in the best place to negotiate a settlement as the other side is fully aware that if your matter can’t be worked out - then they had also be prepared to engage us in the court of law.

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