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      We all make mistakes, no one is perfect.  We are here to help.  We have helped those that have been charged with possession, domestic violence, theft, fraud, sex crimes, assault and battery, driving under the influence, etc. 

     At The Firm we will sit down with you and discuss your case.  If there is a fight to be had we will do that.  If there is no argument to be made,  we will help mitigate the damages. 

    Also, we are trial litigators at this practice., that is very important. We cannot stress it enough.  Most attorneys would rather not go to trial.  Therefore, if the other side has full knowledge that you have hired trial attorneys, they will take a second look before a matter is taken to trial. 

   We love and take care of our clients.  That's what we do here.

 Let me help you.  



     With the advent of Realignment AB 109, and Prop 47 The Save Neighborhood and Schools Act, people are being punished much differently than they were ten years ago.  Especially in regards to non violent crimes, which included possession of control substances.  However, AB 109 did not change how serious crimes, violent crimes or sex crimes are punished. 

        It started in 2011, AB 109 transferred responsibility of certain inmates from state prison to county jail.  So for example if you were punished and given a sentence of 2 years in state prison, AB 109 now requires that you be housed in county jail.  This can be very beneficial to someone doing time and to their family.  Often times, this makes it easier for the family to interact with the person doing time in county jail.  Where if the person was in prison, the family would have to drive long hours and go through the bureaucracy of prison entry. 

      Proposition 47 implemented chang on how a person was sentenced.  One of the main things it did was reclassify certain felonies as misdemeanors, but it does not allow possession or custody and control of a firearm.   These two changes are very important, at The Firm we understand the law, which shall give you great representation. 

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